Congratulations to Hannah Scanlon, Dirreen Cross, Athea, who celebrated her 90th birthday on Friday night last at the Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee..


TJ, James and Ciara Hunt with their cousin Sarah O’Brien ready to perform at the National Music Day celebrations at The Gables on Thursday last


Don’t forget to support this fundraiser Saturday, June 30th at 5.30pm in Emmets GAA Grounds, Listowel in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record by having  the largest gathering of people dressed as nuns. Registration Fee €20 which includes Nun Costume. Black shoes must be worn not included.
All fundraising for Pieta House Centre.
Registration in Listowel at Easons, Finesse, Cristy’s & John B. Keane’s.
On line registration on Facebook  Nunday.


ADAPT Collection


ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services extends a sincere thank you to all the collectors who gave their time on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June in Athea.  The sum collected was €587.08 which will go towards maintaining the many services ADAPT provides in the Refuge and Outreach Services in Newcastle West and Kilmallock.  The 24 Hour Freephone Helpline number is 1800 200 504.




Our clean-ups will continue on Tuesday nights throughout the summer meeting at the hall at 7.30pm. It’s great to see such a crowd turning up, it lifts our spirits immensely. We are told by many visitors that Athea holds great potential in the competition and if we all work together we can reach this potential.

At the moment we are researching into landscaping the area at the Goold Monument which is 150 years old next year and we are also in the process of conducting a wildlife survey of the village and we think many will be pleasantly surprised by the findings when this is completed.

The Foróige Youth Club, under the watchful eye of Natalie Thornton are currently restoring the ball alley which will also be a great help to us in the competition. Perhaps more organisationS might help us out in the future also.

At this stage forms for the local garden competitions have been handed out to each household inside the speed limit signs and we urge you to please enter these competitions by filling in the form and placing it into the competition box at the post office.

Please contact 087-9042477 if you need a form , or indeed if you require any information on the tidy towns committee or if you would like to come on board and volunteer you time all for the good of this great parish!


We Need your Help

Small as it is known but great in its achievements, Athea holds its own in the County Limerick, boasting to being the largest in the County Limerick in size even surpassing Limerick City . Today, we the members of Athea Tidy Towns reach out to you, “The Community” of Athea To Help us to help you. We as a parish have had many ups and downs over the years . We have seen good and bad times but always stayed loyal and steadfast to our own. Throughout the years of the Celtic Tiger we have seen great achievements in Athea Village and its surrounds with the renovation and New Extension to our Community Centre at Con Colbert Memorial Hall and with the building of our New Pope John Paul 11 footbridge and building of many more beautiful houses around Athea. We all are and should be proud of these achievements.

However over the past number of years our village has suffered the loss of many of its great characters who have succumbed to old age or sickness and sadly we have been left with a few houses that are unoccupied and facing dereliction. As with many other neighbouring towns and villages who share this same concern, rising unemployment and a constant flow of emigration have also taken its toll on our parish. We ask you however to stay steadfast and assist us in our cause and bring Athea village and it surrounding areas back to its somewhat former glory. We understand that it will take time, but we are willing and committed. We hope that all parishioners will assist us and gather to help us to rejuvenate our village and make it a pleasure not only for ourselves to drive through but also our fellow countrymen and women. So we ask you as a Committee to lend us an hour or so of your time to assist us on our Village Clean Ups. All Are Welcome. We will be putting together a schedule of Volunteer cleaning times in the local newsletter and papers over the next couple of weeks. Starting this Tuesday Evening 26th of June at 7.30pm outside Con Colbert community Centre were we will be gathering to start to our Clean up. We are asking you to come along and bring tools and equipment of your choice and help us in our endeavours to bring Pride back into our little village. We have in the past achieved awards for our effort in Tidy Towns and we hope to achieve them again. We will also be selling tickets to raise funds for this good and needy cause .


Thank you

Athea Tidy Towns Committee


St. Vincent De Paul Annual Holiday


The annual holiday at the Towers Holiday Home in Ballybunion will be from July 14th to 20th 2012.

Early booking is necessary. Please contact any of the following numbers  068-52953 / 087-2265941 / 068-42123 or any member of St. Vincent de Paul.


Mind Your Dog!


I have been asked to  draw attention to a problem with dogs fouling the streets in the village and to appeal to owners to take control of their animals.

The laws with regards to dogs in public places are quite clear – they must be on a leash at all times. This is to protect both the public and the animals themselves. We are naturally a bit complacent about this as we are used to dogs wandering loose all our lives. However the dog warden doesn’t share this laxity and will impound any dog found without a leash. It is a costly business getting them back from the pound never mind the fine following it.

The biggest problem with dogs, both on and off the leash, is the fouling of public places. Again the law here is simple – if your dog fouls the pavement or other public area you must clean it up and dispose of it properly. There is nothing worse than discovering that you have stepped on dog pooh  which has one of the worst smells of all.

Before dog owners get mad at me; I am merely stating  the laws as they stand because I was asked to, so please “don’t shoot the messenger”.

The newly re-formed Tidy Towns Committee are trying to make Athea a nicer place for us all so please, please be a bit more careful with your pets in the future and everyone will be happy.


Domhnall de Barra


Notes  from West Limerick Resources



West Limerick Resources are delighted to announce that John Joe Conwell from Ireland Reaching Out Headquarters will hold an information session this Thursday  June 28th in the Rathkeale House Hotel at 7.30pm.  This information session is an opportunity of individuals and communities to learn more about the initiative as well as for organisers to assess local interest in getting involved.  The event is free of charge and open to all. The event is free of charge and open to all.    For more information contact Mary Dillon, West Limerick Resources Local Heritage Animator (Available Monday- Thursday) on 085 8411344 / email:  [email protected]



This week is “Reach Out and Switchover Week”, designed to encourage people to make the switch to digital before the October 24th deadline.  Information events are being held in the Desmond Complex from 11.30am-1pm (Tuesday 26th- Thursday 28th) and in the Castlemahon Community Hall from 8.30-9.30pm on June 30th.  The Community Outreach Digital Switchover Programme is specifically targeting older people living alone, those with literacy and other learning difficulties and those with few social networks and is heavily reliant on the Irish tradition of caring for our neighbours.  We are asking communities to look around and help identify those locally who will need a little assistance and make sure that they get it.  For further information contact Clint at West Limerick Resources on 069 62222



Find the information you are seeking a new information point in Athea community Hall (sports entrance) where you can locate the relevant leaflet/form or search the internet.  An information assistant will support you in your search, if required.  Weekly FAS Jobs Lists and courses for both Limerick and Kerry will also be available.  Initially the office will be open on Monday and Wednesdays from 9.30am-5.30pm and on Fridays from 9.30am-1.30pm.  This is a free and confidential service.



The Mid-West Alzheimers Support Group run the Day-Care facility in Adare. This year our main funding will be as the beneficiary of the Askeaton Touring Club (Wyeth) Annual Cycle. However in order to maximise this potential we need your help this Saturday at Adams & Paddy Hogan Shop and several other collection points around West Limerick. If you or your friends can offer us just two hours please leave your name and contact number on 069 79079 or email to [email protected]

A coordinator will then contact you. Thank you in anticipation!


 Ireland’s Music Day June 21st


Daniel Hannon-Barry, Bríd de Barra, Domhnall de Barra and Darragh O'Donnell who performed at "Ceol agus Craic cois Gaile" as part of Craobh Áth an tSléibhe's contribution to Ireland’s Music Day.


Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, the event had to be brought indoors but there was a good attendance with plenty of music, song and dance.

The set dancers battered the floor to Domhnall de Barra’a band and there were songs from Con Fitzgerald, Larry McAuliffe and Sean Hannon-Barry. The young step dancers (see front page photo) gave a great performance. Thanks to everyone concerned especially those who donated prizes for the raffle.