by Peg Prendeville

As I mentioned a few weeks ago Glin Development committee has been working on extending the walks around Glin and the latest one is through the Castle Demesne.  Sunday evening was the perfect evening to try this out; a nice gentle breeze and a bit of sunshine. So off I went. It is not a pleasant stroll; in fact it is fairly challenging and one would need good strong muscles to get up the steep hill but it is worth it to get the view from the top. One can see from beyond Scattery Island on the left to Shannon airport on the right. The journey down, through a different route, is just as steep and a little bit muddy here and there. It would be advisable to have company on this journey, as it is very possible to slip or sprain a muscle but if you have good strong walking shoes and a bit of energy I would tell you to go ahead. It takes about 1.5 hours. Their walk along the coast road is a very pleasant and easy one for those who cannot do the Woods Walk.

Great plans are being made for the Vintage Day in Knockdown in July 15th.  An Art & Craft exhibition will be among the many items of interest on the day so if anybody has any items of art or craft to display ( or sell if they wish) they can contact me at the above number. Of course there will be vintage cars and tractors, sports events and Big Maggie who will be entertaining all with her open-air singing. So there will be something for everybody. Keep praying for a good day!

The fine weather for the past two days has enabled some more harvesting of silage and turf to be done. It is a pity that that is all we can rely on, two good days here and there. The days of the long hot summers is but a distant memory.

Ballyhahill School 5th and 6th classes dramatised the story of Hansel and Gretel in the PE Hall on Monday for all the other children and their parents and friends. Drama is a great way to help children speak clearly, gain confidence in themselves and have fun all at the same time. Well done to all.