by Kathleen Mullane


‘Bits and Pieces’


Can I take this opportunity in wishing all the readers of the Athea Parish and District Weekly Newsletter a very Happy and Peaceful Easter and hopefully the lovely dry weather will stay with us for the remainder of the Easter holidays – incidentally I suppose we don’t realise how widely read our Parish Newsletter is and how our emigrants love to keep in touch with the homeland.  One man I’ve heard of recently who lives in Long Island and visits his relatives here in Athea each year is Jim Sheehan and his wife Nancy. He always makes the Listowel Races and visits the Tierney’s in Templeathea and his other relations. He diligently reads the newsletter every week on-line, so it’s great it’s reaching far off places and that Athea/Carrigkerry and Ballyhahill etc. are all involved.

The Annual Easter Commemoration takes place on this Saturday at 3pm with refreshments afterwards at the Top of the Town and music from 5-7pm. All are welcome.

Also a Sinn Fein meeting will be held on Wednesday night April 4th at 8pm at The Top of the Town. 

Congratulations to Mark O’Connor (son of Julie and Gerard) Dalton Street, Athea who has been chosen to play on the Limerick Minors Panel- he’s no doubt following in his uncles footsteps on the football field.

On reading a survey recently it showed that more men are now doing household jobs than ever before – as their wives are now the bread winners in most instances but however the survey shows that they just can’t do things to their partner’s satisfaction!  A spokesman for the survey of 2,000 women said “women have high hopes for perfection and if jobs aren’t done right many feel they could do much better themselves. It listed the 10 Jobs men fail at:

1. Wiping worktops after washing the dishes.

2. Plumping the cushions

3. Straightening the Duvet.

4. Cleaning the cooker.

5. Putting things away tidily

6. Hanging the clothes properly on the line.

7. Watching for the rain in case they get wet.

8. Putting away the ware after washing up

9. Making the beds.

10. Putting things back in their proper place.

But despite the findings, two thirds of women admit their partners do genuinely try to get things right while 4 in 10 households are now sharing their chores evenly it emerged.

As the saying goes “men can only do one thing at a time- but women can do a hundred things at the one time”!

But at the end of the day they aren’t all that bad I suppose!