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Pat’s Corner – 21/3/12

by Pat Brosnan


Household Registration Form


Reading through the Household Registration Form which apparently has to be completed as a preliminary to paying our household charge of €100, one has to ponder the question did any of us, even mature senior citizens as we are, ever before see an official form that was as silly as this one. Instead of having a simple declaration form in the local County Council  Offices in which a householder would be just required to declare that she or he owns a house or maybe two houses and whatever. The registration form is loaded with a whole plethora of stupid and irrelevant questions that have no significance whatsoever on the payment of the household charge. Will anybody explain to me why they require the name of the householders pet- a dog, a cat or maybe a canary or why in another question they are looking for the maiden name of the householder’s mother, who perhaps may be dead and gone for countless years.  This form is surely the ultimate in needless red tape and it is evident that those who completed it are surely not living in the real world, but in a planet of their own which has very little in common with the plain people of Ireland.  Then in another section of where the house in question is located, why is it necessary to state the country when even anyone would know that this registration relates only to houses in this State. Stating the locality and the county naturally is understandable, but the country, does this mean that Irish people who own houses anywhere else in the European Union or otherwise abroad will also be liable for the Household Charge?  The questions in this document and the information required goes far beyond the normal for the privilege of those of us ordinary householders having to fork out €100 to a greedy Government who could not care less about the hardship that this is causing or is likely to cause to hundreds of thousands of our people.  Not alone are we required to fill in this form but there are also threats that if it is not completed it will be returned and as well as that there are further warnings of prosecutions about submitting false information (which could be just mistakes, particularly in the cases of the elderly people). This registration form is a completely unnecessary and intimidating official document and looks as if in my opinion anyway it is meant to scare people who might be otherwise hesitant about paying this objectionable household charge.  Furthermore it seems that payment by cash of the household charge will not be accepted in the County Council Offices and that people will be put to the extra inconvenience and expense of having to pay by cheque or get a Bank Draft or Postal Order.  It is small wonder that so many people are concerned about this whole exercise and suspicious of the motives that are behind it. It is not alone the fact that they are taking our money which is causing hardship to many, but whatever intrigue is behind the demand to answer all these questions in the registration form that is such a worry to so many people.  People have every right to suspect that there is much more to this registration form than merely declaring ownership of a house.  If, for instance, the name of your household pet is Toby this would indicate that the householder owns a dog. Is it not possible then that the owner could be investigated to find out if the dog is licensed?  People are not always reluctant to pay charges or taxes if they are aware that the money is being put to good use rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesars, but when Caesar became too inquisitive and starts looking for information which is irrelevant and to which he is not entitled then that is surely a different story.  No doubt during the past number of weeks many thousands of people have hesitated about paying the household charge, there have also been many meetings and protests regarding same. How the issue will finally turn out is anybody’s guess but we will just have to await developments in the matter.


Late Michael Kiely

The death occurred recently in the Mid-Western Regional Hospital of Michael Kiely of Rooskagh after a short illness. Michael, who had been living alone in his home since the death of his brother, was a respected member of the local community and his passing has been widely regretted. In his earlier years Michael worked in the Post Office Staff in Limerick and made many friends while he lived in the city. He was also a columnist for the Limerick Weekly Echo back in the ‘50’s at the time that the late Ted Gale was Manager of that newspaper. Michael Kiely wrote a brilliant series of articles for the Echo about the GAA Clubs in Limerick and Kerry under the pen name of Old Gael. A big gathering of people from far and near attended the removal from Riedy’s Funeral Home, Newcastle West to St Molua’s Church, Ardagh to pay their respects. There was also a big attendance at the Requiem Mass on the following day and the funeral afterwards to Churchtown Cemetery, Newcastle West where he was laid to rest. Sympathy is extended to his sister Vera Langan, Artane, Dublin and his brother-in-law George Langan, well known writer, singer and song composer and also to his other relatives. ‘May his soul rest in peace’.


St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was as usual widely celebrated all over the country as well as in various other places all over the world. In our own country the recession and the widespread austerity programme which has been implemented over the past couple of years failed to dampen the enthusiasm and spirit of the people who turned out in their thousands all over the country to celebrate the feast of the National Apostle. It is surely a great tribute to our people that they can overcome the hardships and setbacks of the present hard times and that they still have the capacity to go out and celebrate. It goes to show that in spite of all our National problems including the drug menace, anti-social activities, vandalism and widespread crime the hearts and minds of the great majority of the decent law-abiding members of our society are still in the right place that is surely something to celebrate and be proud about. My son Seanie, his wife Marie and their family invited me to a special St, Patrick’s Day dinner with them in Listowel. Before that we attended a beautiful Mass in Irish at the local St Mary’s Parish Church. The music and singing which combined the religious and national themes were just fantastic and the Church was crowded. There was also a Church Gate Collection for Glór na nGael Organisation which appeared to have been well supported.  There was a wide variety of coloured floats around the town all of which took part in the parade. One of these which we noticed commemorated the Titanic Ship which was launched in Belfast in 1912 and later struck an iceberg and sank on the 12th of April of that year. This was a very appropriate float on the Centenary if the Titanic disaster, but there were many others to be seen as well. There’s no doubt that the late Michael Dowling who used to always play the part of St. Patrick at the parade was missed this time as was also Dan Keane who was a regular there for countless years.


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Knockdown News – 21/3/12

by Peg Prendeville

Sincere sympathies to the Quinn family, Glenbawn, Carrigkerry on the
death of Gretta’s brother Tom Enright in Inisgile Nursing home on Monday of this week. Tom has lived in a home away from home for over forty years but was always in touch with his family who visited him regularly and especially in these last weeks while he was ill. May he rest in peace.
It was a very entertaining St Patrick’s weekend in Knockdown beginning
on Friday night with the Quiz in the Knockdown Arms in aid of Ballyhahill school. A great crowd participated in the fun quiz and a warm friendly atmosphere prevailed throughout; there were very interesting questions, not too hard and not too easy including a picture and music round. I had the honour of doing quizmaster. It was very close at the end; prizes were given to the top three scores with

many more prizes being raffled as well as some spot prizes through the night also. Principal Mary Moore thanked everybody who supported the night including the many generous sponsors. Ballyhahill school Manager Brian Mangan spoke highly of the school and the staff and said he
would be meeting up with the parents very soon.Both adults and children enjoyed a lovely friendly night which was followed by music and song to lead us into St. Patrick’s Day. Moonlight Whiskey Hall, that popular song in Ballyhahill, best sung by John Reidy was sung by Jim O’Brien and myself seeing as it was appropriate for the occasion, beginning with the words “We toasted Dear Old Ireland, it being St
Patrick’s Day”. Anita Murphy and Jacqueline Mangan accompanied by Mary Moore and her sisters gave the best entertainment for an hour or more with song and guitar playing which would put anybody in a good mood. It was great to see such talent in one setting.

More entertainment followed on Sunday night with an Irish Night of music and song by Gerry Keogh and his friends. Many of the local singers helped out also. It is lovely to see a community getting together on occasions like this and sharing the talents they have been gifted with.

Congratulations to Sharon Sheehy, Dromagarraun, whose artwork is included in the Enable Ireland Art Exhibition in Newcastle West library this week. It will be staying until the end of March so if you are in town call in to see it. It is Sharon’s birthday this week so we send Happy Birthday wishes too.
Don’t forget the Knockdown Vintage “Run” on this Sunday 25th March. The raffle for the Ronald McDonald home will be held in the Knockdown Arms on Saturday night. All support appreciated.


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By Carrig Side – 21/3/12

by Tom Aherne

The death has taken place of John O’Connor, 3 The Cross, Ardagh,
suddenly at his residence on Wednesday 7th March. A native of the parish he was aged 78 years old and was a well known figure in the area. He was a painter and decorator by trade, who also worked for a
time in the building trade, in Ardagh Creamery and Aughinish Alumina. He was best known as John ‘’Popeen’’ to distinguish the O’Connor family from others in the locality. He was a born entertainer and a friend to young and old and it will be strange to pass through the
village without seeing his familiar figure. He was a tall man, with a straight back, when walking and he usually had a paper under his arm and a greeting for one and all. He was a fine singer who sang with The Glenside Ceili Band for a number of years, raising the roof of many a hall. John would dress up to sing some songs, such as “Mick McGilligan’s daughter Mary Ann” He would dress as Mary Ann make up and all to sing it which went down very well with audiences. He was a
lifelong wrenboy with his own group and many others over the years. He was a member of the West Limerick Charity Group who raised a lot of money for local groups in recent years. He sang with Ardagh Wrenboys in the sixties, when they won competitions around the Munster area, including the Munster Cup in Freemount three years in a row. He was shown on camera with his brother Charlie, and Johnny Aherne, on the
opening shots of Come West along the Road on RTE in recent years. His
favourite songs included “The lonely woods of Upton” “My old Fenian Gun” “The old Rustic Bridge by the Mill” “The Northern Lights of old Aberdeen” to name a few. He hurled with Ardagh in his young days and he was a good supporter of parish teams, especially
Villa Rovers soccer team over the years. John enjoyed a good social life and was most popular with all, seeing the best in all individuals. He liked to bet on the horses, and his presence will be missed this year by the bookies when the big meetings are on. His remains were removed from Reidy’s Funeral Home Newcastle West, to Saint Molua’s Church Ardagh, on Friday 9th March. Father Madden P.P. assisted by Fr John Walsh Concelebrated his Funeral Mass on Saturday morning. It was a lovely ceremony made special by the involvement of his grandchildren, (who he was very close to) in the readings,
symbols, gifts, poem and prayers of the faithful. Fr Maddens homily and Seamus Hennessy’s tribute, gave all a great insight into the personality of the late “Popeen”.  A large crowd was in attendance and Donie and Maura provided appropriate music and song.  He was laid to rest in Saint Molua’s Cemetery as the sun shone, and the birds sang on Saturday afternoon 10th March, a few days short of the Cheltenham Racing Festival. His friends presented a mini concert at the grave
side to send him on his way to meet so many more entertainers who have departed in recent times. John Mullins, Mike Murphy,  John O’Donnell (former members with the  Glenside Ceili Band), Tom O’Donoghue, Donie Clancy Michael Collins, Paul Moriarty, John L
O’Sullivan played the music and Paul and Tom Mullins sang  “Never grow Old”, “The Mulcair River” and “The Boys from Bárna Straide who hunted for the Wren”.  His health was good and his passing shocked and surprised us and he will be sadly missed by all who will retain their own special memories of a character much admired for his talents.
Sympathy to his sons Aidan and  Barry, daughters Carmel, Olive, Audrey, and Iris, brother Charlie, sisters, partners, grandchildren, extended family members, neighbours and friends. May he rest in Peace.
The death has also taken place of Brenda Keating, School Road, Ardagh. She was a native of Rathnasare, Rathkeale, and was a retired seamstress in advancing years. She came to Ardagh to live with her sister Mrs Kenrick a number of years ago, and was living on her own in
recent years.  She kept in touch with events around the village, with her circle of friends. She looked forward to receiving Holy Communion, in her own home, and used the Radio Mass Link to keep in touch with Church Ceremonies. She moved to Killeline Nursing Home over the winter months, leading up to her passing. Her remains were removed from
Reidy’s Funeral Home, Newcastle West to Saint Molua’s Church Ardagh, on Saturday 10th. Her Funeral Mass was concelebrated by Fr Madden, Fr Daly, Fr Bluett, Fr Russell, and Fr Cullinane. Her relations assisted in the ceremony and Maura sang appropriate hymns. Burial took place in Saint Mary’s Cemetery Rathkeale, on Sunday 11th March. Sympathy to her brother JJ in America, and her sister Mary in Australia, (who were unable to be present at her funeral) nephews, nieces, relatives and friends. May she rest in Peace.

The death has also taken place of Michael Kiely, Rooskagh East,
Carrigkerry, Athea, at Limerick Regional Hospital on Sunday 11th March. He was quiet and retiring and a very intelligent person, who had simple, tastes in life. He suffered ill health for many years, but
was well cared for by his relatives, home help neighbours, and friends. Michael came from a family of three, Brother John, and sister Vera, He attended Ballinloughane N.S. and Saint Ita’s Secondary School Newcastle West. He worked in the Civil Service, in many different towns around Ireland including Killarney Avoca, Claremorris, Limerick.
He also worked in banking in England for a while. He returned home to mind his brother John, who passed away in 1996, and lived on his own ever since. He was very involved in Gaelic games in his youth as a player and an officer of the local club, in the Rooskagh area. He was
Secretary of the Carrigkerry Football Club in 1952 and 1953 and he
represented the club at many West Board Meetings. He also played many fine games at under age level during these years.  He wrote a  column on Gaelic Games for the Limerick Weekly Echo, in 1953 reviewing the clubs of West Limerick including Ardagh and Carrigkerry,  under the Pen name, Old Gael. Michael loved listening to Country and Western Music on the Radio, and was known to all the Stations. He was always ringing in requesting songs, by his brother -in-law George Langan. He
listened in to The Radio Mass Link, to hear Mass, and Services, in Ardagh, and Newcastle West Churches,on a regular basis and had his own space for religion.
His remains were removed from Reidy’s
Funeral Home, Newcastle West, to Saint Molua’s Church Ardagh, on Tuesday 13th March. His Funeral Mass was concelebrated by Fr Larry Madden Ardagh/Carrigkerry, Fr Paddy Bowen Athea, and Fr Richard Keane
Newcastle West. His relations assisted in the ceremony and the lovely hymns that were sung  added to the occasion. George Langan paid Michael a nice tribute, after the Funeral Mass had concluded. He
thanked all who helped Michael over the years, and played him a musical tribute “The foot of Rooskagh Hill” one of Michael’s favourite songs. Burial took place in Churchtown Cemetery Newcastle West with his native Rooskagh in the distance on Wednesday
14thMarch. Sympathy to his Sister Vera Langan and brother-in-law George, cousins, relatives, neighbours and friends. May he rest in Peace.
Congratulations to Cormac Long from Rooskagh, who won an All Ireland
boxing medal in the National Stadium Dublin on Saturday 10th March. He
defeated Gearóid Mc Allister in the 80KG Boy 4 final by a first round
knock out to win his fourth All Ireland medal in a row. He is a member of the Rathkeale Boxing Club who has enjoyed great success in recent years due to their dedication, expertise and hard work.

The following are the lottery results from Peadar’s Bar Ardagh, on Monday 12th March.  Congratulations to the lucky dip winners as follows.
€60 Kay Ryan,  Ardagh.
€60 Joan Copse,  Glensharrold.
€60 Nikita+Dean Quaid, Carrigkerry.
€30 M+W, c/o Denis Greaney Ardagh.
€30 Patricia McCarthy, Askeaton.
€30 Paul Ahern, Riddlestown, Rathkeale.
Next week’s draw takes place in Foley’s Bar Reens Ardagh and the Jackpot will be € 15,600.
Congratulations to Peg Murphy + Joan Madigan, and Peter Fitzsimons+ Bill Downes, who were prize winners at the Flag Floor card game on Wednesday 7th March. Congratulations to John Mulvihill and Vinnie Wrenn, who were first prize winners at the Shanagolden card game on Friday 9th March.
In the Desmond League on Sunday 11th March, Carrig Celtic defeated Saint Ita’s 4-0 at home in Division 1, with goals from Francis Moore 2, Sean Mc Sweeney and Mark Collins. Old Mill lost 2-0 at home to Rockhill Rovers. In Division 2 Kilcolman Rovers drew 1-1 away to Rathkeale B. In the Division 3 League Cup Carrig Celtic B defeated Ballingarry B 2-0 away and 3-2 on aggregate, to advance to the semi final.
Saint Kieran’s Club had no winner in the first draw, in the Limerick G.A.A Club Draw held in Na Piarsaigh G.A.A Clubhouse Limerick on Friday 9th March. The next Draw will be held in the Villager Bar Castlemahon on Friday 13th April.
Limerick lost to Clare by 3 points in Round 1 of the Munster U-21 Football championship in the Gaelic Grounds Limerick on Wednesday 14th March. Darragh Treacy was centre field and Mike Flynn on the panel.
Saint Kieran’s lost to Granagh/Ballingarry by 1-11 to 0-9 in Round 2 of the West U-21 B Hurling Championship at Adare on Saturday 10th March.
The Airtricity Fund Awards were held in Con Colbert Community Centre, Athea on Wednesday 7th March. A number of Carrigkerry people were present to accept awards for different groups, on the night as follows.  Catherine Hayes and Pat King on behalf of Carrigkerry Community Centre. Stephen Goulding on behalf of Newcastle West A.F.C. Margaret O’Connor on behalf of Glengurt N.S. School, Tournafulla.
Carrigkerry Wrenboy Group held a presentation evening at The Flag Floor Glensharrold on Saturday 10th March. They presented cheques to the value of €3,000, to the following groups. Friend’s of Saint Ita’s Palliative Care Newcastle West. The Irish Neurological Centre Regional Hospital Limerick. Console. Dromcollogher Respite Centre. Rathfredragh Cheshire Home, and Chernobyl West Limerick Outreach Group.  Each group received €500, and the Wrenboys are to be complimented for their generosity.
Enrolments are now taking place in Coolcappa National School for next September. Parents who wish to enroll their children can contact the Principal Nora Madden at 069-76493.
Parents who wish to enroll their children in Kilcolman N.S. Should contact the principal Mary Liston on 069-60005.
Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society will take place in Newcastle West and other local places on Friday 23rd March. People can volunteer their services, or hold an event in their locality. They can also buy a Daffodil or other merchandise, at the local outlets. All support will be much appreciated.  All enquiries to Kate Buckingham, Glenastar Ardagh, on 069-76148.
Sunday afternoon tea dancing will take place in Carrigkerry Community Centre, on Sunday 25th March from 2.30 pm to 5.30pm. Music by Barry O’Halloran, and tea and refreshments will be served and admission €5. All the proceeds will go to the upkeep and maintenance of the centre, and all are welcome.
Round the Fireside presented by Jimmie Reidy on C103 FM, on Monday 26th March, will feature the first of two 70 minute programmes, of local interest from 9,50pm to 11.00pm. A special to pay tribute to the musical contribution over the past 50 years, of The Glenside Céile Band in Ardagh, and Tom O’Donoghue, from Castlemahon. Taking part will be a total of 11 musicians, numerous well known singers, and talkers
recalling with fondness all the people associated with both. The second programme will go out on air on Monday 2nd April at the same time.
The AGM of Ardagh Voluntary Housing Association will take place in the day centre, Reerasta Court on Monday 2nd April at and all are welcome.


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