by Kathleen Mullane


Spring Has Arrived


Congratulations to Mary T. and Denny Mulvihill of Colbert Street who once again have become proud grandparents –“on the double” on this occasion. Their son Teddy and his wife Paula, who reside in New York, have been blessed with twin girls  last week Cora and Gemma – little sisters for Charlie , their young brother. We congratulate the delighted parents also.

Happy 40th Birthday wishes go to Jerry Finucane of ‘Village Living’, Lower Road, who on Saturday night last celebrated his 40th Birthday at Brown Joe’s, along with his wife Julie, relatives and friends. A great night was enjoyed by everyone.  

As you may have seen, a load of gravel has been delivered near the Memorial Hall with some of it already put in the potholes, this has been paid for out of the Hall money and already some of it has been taken. We would ask you to refrain from doing so, as this is the Hall property and all of it is needed to improve the yard and parking area.

Best wishes are sent to fellow correspondent Pat Brosnan and hopefully he will be out and about very soon again. Good wishes are also sent to all those in the parish who are unwell at the moment. We keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Great news on Anne O’Keeffe – she was allowed home last weekend for the first time. It’s lovely to hear a ‘good news’ story for a change.

Fr Bowen has been asked about cleaning up and painting the outside of the Church – he wants your opinions with regard to the trees surrounding the Church, which are causing a lot of the green, mossy and slippery conditions also on the surrounding footpaths and on the walls etc. – suggestions would be welcome as soon as possible –maybe an evergreen hedge should be set, maybe the trees should be cut letting in light and air, maybe they should be cut half-way. All ideas would be very welcome in this regard. As a community and with so many unemployed I’m sure any help would be appreciated when work does begin on the Church.