by Pag Prendeville

Killeaney AFC is holding a Poker Classic in the Knockdown Arms on this Friday at 9pm. The annual Social night will be held in the same venue on Friday November 18. All welcome.


Sincere sympathies to the Sheehy families on the death of Tom Sheehy, Cloverfield, originally Turraree, during the week. He was a funny man, always in good humour.

Life in Glenbawn is different without Paddy Faley also but yet life goes on. Thank you to all who turned out to say Goodbye to the Poet, he would have loved it! The following is my tribute to him which I read at his funeral Mass. He was a great man and we will miss him.


Tribute to Dad – Paddy Faley


Before we leave this Church today

A tribute to Dad I’d like to pay.

And though it may take a bit more time

This has to be delivered in rhyme.


After just ten years of married life

Our Dad he lost his loving wife.

But though he almost choked with grief

He brought to us some light relief.


He did his best though times were hard

And we were happy with Dad, the bard.

It was poetry and writing that kept him sane

When sadness threatened to cloud his brain.


We are left with happy memories

Of saying the rosary on our knees.

Listening to stories he told each night

When we were young, was a delight.


Cutting the turf, saving the hay

Going to concerts, acting out plays.

On Sundays going to the beach

Delighted with an ice cream each.

Planting the garden, sowing the seeds

Breaking our backs pulling the weeds.


But he was the rock to which we clung

He was all we had when we were young.

And as we grew we looked with pride

As he grew old just by our side.


The time it came when he needed care

But he knew that all of us were there

To help him when he broke his hip

And pick him up when he often tripped.

And though he sometimes drove us mad

We greatly admired this man, our Dad.


He passed each day in quiet and peace

With his radio and books he was at ease.

His grandchildren gave him lots of pleasure

His great grandchildren an added treasure.


But now the time for him has come

To leave us here and go to Mom.

She’ll greet him with a laugh and cheer

Saying “What kept you Paddy. At last you’re here.”


We’ll be Ok and we’ll thank God daily

For having a Dad called Paddy Faley!