by Peg Prendeville

Sunday was a pleasant day. “A pleasant day? I hear you scream! Wasn’t it lashing rain all day and didn’t Waterford beat Limerick? What is pleasant about all that?” I answer that you were in the wrong place! You should have been in the Arts Centre in Mullingar watching up to 200 women entertaining from 11 am to 4.30 pm in the Elenora Gibbon Drama final. It was amazing and amusing to see all the different interpretations taken from the same guidelines given to everybody. There is such a lot of talent in the country waiting to be given an opportunity to express itself. Most of the sketches were of a lighthearted content but some had a serious side too. The Ballyhahill/Loughill ladies  were the 2nd group to perform and so had the opportunity to see all the other guilds productions at ease after that. Ashford, Co Wicklow guild which followed us impressed us immensely and we were delighted when they were pronounced the winners at the end. There were groups from all over the country. The judge was very fair and commented on each performance giving both the good and not so good points. We in B/L were very pleased with his comments on our own performance and were very happy to learn that we came in 4th place overall. Like I said it was an enjoyable day; we had a lovely dinner in the Anne Brook Hotel in the centre of town and Maureen and I had an opportunity to go and meet with Margaret Collins and her family at the funeral of her mother Mrs Brady, which was taking place in Mullingar that day also. Sympathies to Margaret and all the Collins family.


FUSION, an art exhibition by Askeaton Art Group, will be opened in Newcastle West library on Thursday 23rd June. As I have already told you, Carol Noonan has some lovely work included in this exhibition but there is much more by the other participants also. You are all invited to the opening by Eimear Brophy and I hear there will be lots of little tasty things to eat. So do not say you were not warned!