By Peg Prendeville

The Killeaney AFC quiz took place in the Knockdown Arms on Friday night last. The committee wishes to thank all who supported it, thus helping to raise some funds for the club. The questions were prepared to suit both adults and children. Congratulations to Carmel and Derek Murphy and their helpers Darragh Murphy and David Culhane who beat Patrick Langan and Tom O’Grady in a tie breaker at the finish. Quizzes are always a bit of fun and this was no exception with a bit of controversy thrown in when a certain lady contradicted one of the answers. Anyone who went to Clounleharde School knows that “Honour your father and your mother” is the 4th commandment and not the 5th. All in all it was a lovely relaxed night of camaraderie and we look forward to more later on.

On Sunday afternoon we heard the sad news of Neidín’s passing, which came as a surprise to us all. Ned O’Shaughnessy, aged 86, has been a character around Knockdown for many years and loved by all for his roguery. Nearly everybody has a story to tell about Ned. He was noted for not “hitting the counter” and he would boast about it himself. If a visitor or stranger came into the Knockdown Arms Ned would get into conversation with them and in no time would be offered a drink. He would wink at Ta behind the bar and say “I scored again, Ta.” But he was generous in his own way. He was a great friend of Danny Mullane and in Danny’s later years would help him to the pub and keep him company. Of course he scored again but he was doing a good deed also. When he had his own car years ago he often gave a lift to those who had no car and would sing for them. Shanagolden and  The Galway Shawl were his songs. Many years ago he hired a taxi to take some children to a circus in Shanagolden and these children never forgot his kindness and think highly of him for his generosity. So Ned left us with many memories. He loved when the neighbours called to see him in St Ita’s where he spent very happy years. He was one of the few who was afraid he would not be kept in there. He would always ask how was everybody at home. His good friend David McMahon died recently too and he missed him a lot. The cottage where Ned and his parents Con and Molleen lived has been called Tigh Neidín in memory of him. We wish Neidín peace and extend our sympathies to his nieces and nephews.

We are all very sorry to hear that little Mark Sheahan, Glenbawn has to undergo treatment for leukaemia and ask you all to think and pray for Mark and his brother Conor and parents Margaret and Martin as they travel to Dublin every week for treatment. Please God, it will be successful.

Paddy Faley is back to himself again and enjoying life.