Paul Curry, Chairman Athea GAA, making a presentation to Athea Ladies Mary Ita Casey & Liz O’Sullivan to mark the 25th anniversary of Athea Ladies Football Club

Paul Curry, Chairman Athea GAA, making a presentation to Athea Ladies Mary Ita Casey & Liz O’Sullivan to mark the 25th anniversary of Athea Ladies Football Club

Michael Hayes saying goodbye to his prize cock before it goes to its new home in Knockaderry

Michael Hayes saying goodbye to his prize cock before it goes to its new home in Knockaderry

Cillian O’Connor with his dad James at the Parish League on Sunday after their win

Cillian O’Connor with his dad James at the Parish League on Sunday after their win

James & Alice Hunt at the Athea GAA ‘Night at the Dogs’ in Tralee Greyhound Stadium recently

James & Alice Hunt at the Athea GAA ‘Night at the Dogs’ in Tralee Greyhound Stadium recently


Athea Drama Group AGM 

Will take place on Monday night September 7th in the kitchen in the Memorial Hall, Athea at 8.30pm. Everyone welcome to attend and discuss all things drama.  

Nepal Fundraiser 

A total of €2,000 was raised from the Carrauntoohill Climb on June 28th 2015 in aid of the victims of the earthquake disaster in Nepal. A huge thank you to all who contributed in any way to this very worthy cause. Go raibh míle maith agaibh.  Catherine O’Connor

County Limerick Drug & Alcohol Drop-in Centre

 If drugs or alcohol are a problem and you are over 18 then free help is available with no appointment necessary at the Hospital Family Resource Centre, Knockainey Road, Hospital.  The service which is staffed by HSE Drug and Alcohol Outreach workers will be available on every second Wednesday from 10am – 12 noon.  For further information contact Geraldine on 086 6076573 or Deirdre on 086  3840526.

Dancing Classes 

Step dancing & sean nós dancing returning to the Top of the Town on Friday evenings at the new time of 7pm for step dancing & 8pm for the sean nós dancing.

Athea Children’s Drama Classes

Drama classes will resume on Wednesday, September 9th in the Con Colbert Community Hall.

Enrolment for 5-8yr olds will be at 5pm and for 9-14yr olds at 6pm.

The Cost of Honesty

The recent problems in the Northern Assembly could have far reaching consequences for peace and stability in this island. A statement by the Chief Constable that the IRA still exist and have a command structure has put the cat among the pigeons and given ammunition to all those who were searching for a stick to beat Sinn Féin with. Immediately politicians on both sides of the border began jumping up and down and making wild allegations. According to Joan Burton not only do the IRA exist but they are involved in all kinds of racketeering, extortion, intimidation and murder. If she knows this to be the case why has she waited until now to voice her opinions?  The same can be said for Micheál Martin and others who have a vested interest in smearing Sinn Féin especially with an election on the horizon. Likewise the Loyalist politicians in the North who do not want to work with Sinn Féin anyway and were on the brink of bringing down the assembly without this latest excuse. Sinn Féin have done themselves no favours by totally and vehemently denying that the IRA still exists. Gerry Adams should not have spoken with authority on the subject since he, by his own admission, was never even a member of that organisation and would have no knowledge of it. They would have been better off saying that though the structure still exists, they are not an armed force and present no danger whatsoever to the state. Even the Chief Constable has stated that the organisation now works in communities to promote the peace process. Instead the denials give more scope to the opposition and back Sinn Féin into a corner from which they can’t retreat.

To look calmly at the situation, it would be foolish to believe that the IRA, having given up their guns and supporting the peace process, would disappear completely and totally disband. Both governments believed at the time that it was the lesser of two evils to accept that the IRA maintained its structure and kept the peace in their localities. Of course there are problems within any organisation and the IRA is no different. There are bad apples in the police, the clergy and many upright organisation so it would be foolish to think that the IRA would be squeaky clean. Some of its members are involved in crime but surely Sinn Féin cannot be held responsible for this. The vast majority of republicans have thrown their weight behind the peace process and have worked hard to keep the hawks in line. If the IRA does indeed exist the question has to be asked, what has it done to interfere with the peace process? The answer is nothing. There has been no conflict with the establishment in Northern Ireland or loyalist organisations so they are maintaining the peace. It is time for level heads to give some direction. Political parties may gain some electoral advantage by smearing Sinn Féin but the consequences of them being thrown  out of the assembly is unthinkable. There are hardliners who are just waiting for a cause and are capable of undoing all the good work of Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, John Hume and Ian Paisley.

The assembly in Northern Ireland is not ideal but it is the best available at the moment. Is short term political gain preferred to lasting peace on this island? Politicians of all persuasions should think long and hard before jumping the gun. Let the police do their investigation into the murders that caused this problem and then deal with the outcome, whatever it is. We deserve better leadership.

Domhnall de Barra





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Kathleen’s Corner-02/09/2015

By Kathleen Mullane

‘Out & About’ 

Well it’s now going on to 11 o’clock his Monday night as I start my few lines. I got engrossed in the new programme at 9.30pm called “Recruits” on R.T.E. 1 which is on again tomorrow (Tuesday) night but if you haven’t seen it you can get it on RTE player. It’s unbelievable the young  men and 2 women on this occasion who were new army recruits. The training they have to go through at the Curragh training camp is unbelievable, from polishing their boots, making sure their uniforms are spotless, to running miles with heavy loads on their backs, through mud and water. Learning to shoot, having their phones for a very limited time & doing 100’s of press ups. The worst part in my mind was trying their best to do every trial, and have everything in order in their rooms and lockers, their sergeants and overseers would try and break them down, shouting and cursing at them, telling them how useless they were and not fit to be in the army, to throwing their uniforms all over the floor telling them they weren’t hung up properly or had their buttons not closed!

I was just thinking wouldn’t it be great training for our young boys or girls even if they had to do it for a few weeks – it would make our young people grateful for their “home comforts”, and instill manners, thankfulness and much more into them. (not saying they all need to join the army) it’s very difficult training but very beneficial, although after seeing the programme I’m sure many would be put off.

Well best wishes to all who are returning and indeed starting off school this week. There will be the usual mass for the schoolchildren in Athea, probably on September 8th, to which everyone is welcome. And of course the Junior Cert results will be out in the next few weeks and we wish all well for these also.

I don’t believe it but I did read it last week – Brown Thomas have their “Christmas Shop” up and running already, their reasoning being to attract the visitors and holiday makers into purchasing – ‘wonders never cease’.

And of course the Listowel Races are on earlier this year, a great get together in past years for the farming community who, after a busy harvest, looked forward to the break. Now its the ladies who are busy for days in advance preparing for the ‘Ladies Day’ – “hats”, “heels”, “fake tan” and all.

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Knockdown News-02/09/2015

By Peg Prendeville

It is September and back to school and a promise of good weather all in one week. There was great excitement in Ballyhahill school on Monday, as there was in all other schools too, when eight young junior infants made their debut in “big school.” This is the biggest junior infant class for a few years so it was a cause of even more excitement in the school. Best of luck to them all on this new adventure in their lives. I was the proud Nana of two of them – Clodagh Prendeville and Noah Daly. How time flies. The Montessori school in Ballyhahill opens up on Wednesday so there will be more excitement in store for some pre-schoolers.

Congratulations too to Marcella and Tommy O’Grady of Glenbawn and  Brown Joe’s; their grandson Jack Cotter started school in Limerick on Monday. while Peg and Jack O’Grady’s grandson Jack O’Grady junior started in Corrandulla, Co Galway. A busy day for all the grandparents in Glenbawn!

There was a great crowd in Knockdown on Sunday for the fundraising in aid of St Patrick’s Hostel for Homeless Men in Limerick. Organised by Kay Scanlon/Long everybody enjoyed the BBQ while they looked at the match which was followed by music from Pa Quaid. Many prizes were raffled and a great day was had for a great cause. As usual people are so generous when it comes to charitable events. Kay thanked everybody who was involved in any way.

Has anybody noticed that our young people are losing their native accents. Talk to many young eight or nine year old children now, especially girls, and they all speak with a TV accent which rises at the end as if asking a question. It is a pity. One time one could guess where a person was from by their accent but that seems to be changing fast. Anybody notice?

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